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Would you convert your religion in order to marry the person you love?
Are shows like Euphoria promoting bad behaviour in teenagers?
Would you date someone from a different ethnic background to you?
Do you believe it's possible for many different cultures to live alongside each other without conflict?
What do you think of immigration in your country? (Multiple choice answer!)
Do you think it's hygienic to have pets living in the house?
Do you like Volodymyr Zelenskyy?
Were you ever bullied at school?
Have you ever knowingly/ intentionally broken the law?
Have you ever gambled?
Do you prefer modern or classical architecture?
Do you prefer modern art or classical art?
Paris Saint-Germain suspended Lionel Messi for 2 weeks for his 'unauthorised' trip ago Saudi Arabia. Is this fair/ justified?
How interested are you in the British Royal Family?
Do you know your next door neighbours?
Do you think it is unhygienic (not clean) to keep a pet animal - like a dog or a cat - in your house?
Do you think that sports with animals - such as horse riding - is animal cruelty?
Another A.I mastermind has quit his job and spoken about about the dangers of A.I. Should we be scared...?
Governments around the world are calling for citizens to eat bugs instead of meat. Will you "eat ze bugs?"
Which country in the world has the largest military force?
Was your work/ ability to earn money negatively affected by COVID-19?
Do you prefer long-form podcasts and interviews or short, snappy videos & reels?
Britain offers a one-off payment of £120,000 to those more than 59% disabled by any vaccination. Is this fair compensation?
How would you describe your childhood?
Have you ever stolen anything?
Do you feel a strong and positive sense of 'community' where you live?
Do you think that hunting sports (of non-endangered species) such as fox hunting or rabbit coursing should be illegal?
Do you take an annual influenza (flu) injection?
Do you plan on taking anymore COVID-19 vaccinations?
Nike was named after which Greek goddess?
What does the name 'Volkswagen' mean in German?
Which tech giant owns Skype?
Which energy drink brand actually CREATED the energy drink brand category?
What's the biggest planet in our solar system?
What is the speed of sound?
Do you sleep well at night?
How often do you eat fast food? (McDonalds, Burger King, Taco Bell etc.)
Do you smoke?
Did you ever lend a friend or family member money and not get it back?
Has a friend of yours ever stolen/ tried to steal your boyfriend/ girlfriend?
How many close friends do you have who you can REALLY trust?
Did you agree with the COVID-19 lockdowns?
What is the speed of light?
Have you ever experienced sexual harassment at work?
Have you ever experienced bullying at work?
Do you believe that modern feminism is helping or hurting women?
High heels were first designed in the 10th century for cavalry MEN from which part of the world?
Guess what? The Earth isn't technically round! Do you know what shape it is?
Do you know which war was the world's shortest war, lasting only 38 minutes?
If you could afford it, would you send your child to a private school?
Did you go to university or are you planning on going to university?
Do you think children should have to do homework after a long day at school?
Do you think that dating apps have had a positive or negative impact on the dating world?
3 out of 5 teenage girls in the USA feel consistently sad or suicidal. What do you think is causing this? (multiple choice)
Have you ever tried skiing or snowboarding?
Have you ever done a skydive or a bungee jump?
What is your favourite taste in food?
Are you a tea or a coffee drinker?
Do you eat breakfast in the mornings?
How do you feel about King Charles III?
Do you think that Joe Biden is fit and healthy enough (mentally and physically) to be president of the United States?
Which profession do you trust the MOST?
Which profession do you trust the LEAST?
How many times a year on average do you visit your doctor?
Which superpower would you prefer to have?
Would you rather be able to travel to any point in the past, or any point in the future?
Which country is the biggest threat to international security?
Would you like a celebrity more or less if they admitted to cosmetic surgery procedures and using filters and photoshop?
Have you ever had a supernatural experience?
Do you have public or private social media accounts?
Would you rather save the life of one person you love, or save the lives of ten strangers?
Are government whistleblowers like Edward Snowden, Julian Assange, Chelsea Manning, & Jack Teixeira heroes or villains?
Florida is about to pass a law allowing pedophiles to be executed. Do you agree with this new law?
Would you rather lie to protect someone's feelings, or tell the truth and risk hurting their feelings?
Would you rather work for an unethical company that pays well, or an ethical company that pays 'OK'?
Would you rather cheat on a test and get a perfect score, or study hard and get a passing grade?
Should transgender women be allowed to compete in women's sports?
Ukraine has received over 100 billion Euros in foreign aid so far. Do you agree with your country sending money to Ukraine?
Leaked information suggests the UK and US have special forces operating in Ukraine. Do you support this?
Do you think that face and body filters create unrealistic expectations of beauty?
Elon Musk has called for a temporary pause on the progress of artificial intelligence. Do you agree with him?
How many different countries have you visited in your life?
Which part of the world would you most like to travel to?
Many governments will soon ban non-electric vehicles. Do you think this is a good or bad thing?
Transgender activist, Dylan Mulvaney, is the new face of the beer brand, Bud Light. Is this a good decision for Bud Light?
Have you visited the Metaverse?
Are you pro-Israel or Pro-Palestine in their ongoing land war?
The Dalai Lama was recently videoed asking a child to 'suck his tongue.' Was this playful or harmful behaviour?
Do you believe in fate/ destiny or free will?
Is it ethical to use gene editing technologies to create 'designer babies'? (choose your baby's eye colour etc.).
If you could live forever thanks to new technology, would you want to?
Is cultural appropriation always wrong, or are there situations where it can be acceptable?
Should we prioritise environmental conservation over economic growth?
How do you feel about companies using your personal data to send you targeted ads?
Should governments provide Universal Basic Income (a standard government money allowance) to all citizens of the world?
Overall, is globalisation a positive or negative thing in your view?
Should there be limits on how much wealth a single person can accumulate?
Should vaccines be mandatory for everyone?
Do you believe the official story around the 9/11 terrorist attack?
Why do you think humans have not been back to the moon since 1972?

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